USA Immigration Law Thailand’s office is located in Bangkok, where you need it

U.S. immigration visa applications for Thai people are processed in Bangkok.


The U.S. Embassy in Bangkok is where the U.S. immigration visa is issued.

The Thailand National Police Headquarters, where criminal background checks are performed, is located in Bangkok.

The Embassy approved hospitals, (Bumrungrad Hospital and Bangkok Nursing Home) where medical exams are performed, are located in Bangkok.

The Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs, that issues certifications for the registration of legal marriages, is located in Bangkok.

The international airport, where international flights arrive, (where you arrive) is located in Bangkok.

The U.S. Embassy, where the visa interview is held, is located in Bangkok.

Ninety five percent of the Thailand Ministry of Foreign Affairs passport offices are in Bangkok.

Living and working in one of the world’s most densely populated, smog choked cities famous for its traffic jams might not be everyone’s idea of a quality lifestyle, but there’s no question that this is where we need to be to efficiently and effectively care for our clients and process visa applications for our clients.

U.S. immigration law firms not located in Bangkok are severely disadvantaged. Firms based in the USA are incapable of providing their clients with an acceptable level of service.

From USA Immigration Law Thailand’s central business district location, we move around Bangkok freely using a traffic avoidance system that has been programmed into the mind of our driver, downloaded from years of experience.

Being on the ground in Bangkok we have our finger on the pulsed of the daily operations of the US Embassy in Bangkok.

Being based in Bangkok enables us to employ Thai paralegals who speak, read and write the Thai language.

Being based in Bangkok enables USA Immigration Law Thailand to personally interact with and care for your fiancée or wife and children.

Being based in Bangkok enables USA Immigration Law Thailand to speak with your fiancée or wife in her native language, whether in person or via a local phone call.

Being based in Bangkok enables USA Immigration Law Thailand to take immediate action to deal with all visa related matters.